Strengthen your logistics and supply chain with our digital dock and yard management system.


Coordinating time slots at warehouses is complicated. We know. 

The un/loading processes between shippers and carriers are affected by issues in four areas:


Unknown vehicle inflow and un/loading times prevent robust planning. Leading to on-site congestion and waiting penalties.


Unpredicted process disruptions are common but not reflected in the planning tools. Resulting in manual and labor-intense adjustments.


The high number of involved parties in a single process leads to labor intense manual information gathering.


Information exchange & storage using pen and paper, email, and phones are time-consuming and prone to errors.


What if managing your truck schedule was easy?

Get in touch and try our new dynamic truck scheduling system, adjusted to your processes and your needs in no time.


Our solution provides you with:

Simplified truck scheduling system

Decreased transportation costs

Improved visibility in your supply chain

Increased goods turnaround times

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About Us

We are your digital logistics partner when it comes to improving the un/loading process between trucks and logistics hubs.

Our team consists of experts from different logistics & supply chain disciplines, coming from companies like sennder, Volkswagen Group Research, InstaFreightTravis Perkins, and different Fraunhofer Institutes.


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